Mom’s “Adopted & Adapted” Cucumber Salad

Hi foodie friends!

This recipe I am sharing today is one of my favorite things that Mom makes. I adapted it to suit my personal flavor and am sure you will do the same…. unless you LOVE mine! Hey, you might!

First of all, here is what you need:

1 decent size cucumber

green onions or chives

dried dill

salt & pepper

hot sauce



Take the skin off the cucumber and slice it thinly. Add to a bowl.  Add chopped up green onion, sprinkle with salt, pepper and dill. Add about 4-5 drops of hot sauce. Add about 1 tsp of vinegar. Then add about 2 tbsps of mayonnaise. Mix together really well. Refrigerate until serving. The longer it chills, the better it blends and tastes.



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