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Breakfast wraps for you and for me.

While reviewing a Diabetes book, I came across some recipes. You know me, had to try at least one. Well, the breakfast wraps appealed to me, since I had not tried them before.

These, honestly, were half-loved and half-hated in my house. So it’s like spinach I guess, an acquired taste. Try for yourself and make your own decisions. They are healthy and we all could use that in our lives!

The book is called, The Weight Loss Plan for Beating Diabetes by Frederick J. Vagnini. (No, I don’t need to lose weight. I have Type 2 Diabetes and weigh less than 145 lbs.)

Here is the wraps, Freda-style of course. They’re actually called, Scrambled Egg and Salsa Wraps.

Here is what you need:

While heating up the wraps according to the pack, make your scrambled eggs like you normally would.  (2 eggs per wrap, 1 tbsp milk, and fry.)

Put egg, shredded cheddar and salsa in tortilla and wrap it up. Serve immediately.

This is about to get wrapped and eaten!

What is your favorite breakfast? Any new breakfast ideas you can share?