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Stuffing Breaded Chicken Breast

My idea of breaded chicken breast, or Shake N Bake Chicken is a little different.

Who doesn’t love roasted chicken or turkey and stuffing?! Well instead of other breading mixes, I start out with stuffing.

Now you have to split it into 2 bags, since you only need half. You now have to crush up the stuffing mix with the mallet.

Mash it to a bread crumb consistency. It makes it easier to coat the chicken.

Now you have to coat the chicken with with an egg wash. That gets the stuffing crumbs to stick to the meat. Preset oven to 425.

Place into Ziploc bag, and give a good shake. You want to thoroughly coat the breast of chicken. Then place on baking pan.

Flip over once 20 minutes in. Then cook 10 minutes more. Take out and rest 1 minute.

Now to plate and serve! Yum!