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Mans Muffins

Hello foodies!!

I know it has been a while. Believe it or not, the last thing I cooked for the blog, went in the garbage. Yeah, that was a recipe disaster. But here I am moving on.

Today I’m sharing with you one of my favorite breakfast treats.

This is my take on the McMuffin Sandwich at McDonald’s. The thing is, it was my favorite thing on the menu, and then after seeing Super Size Me, I don’t know how many years ago, I stopped eating there all together. Well, I couldn’t not eat my favorite sandwich, so I adapted it to make it at home. You even use your microwave just like they do!

Here is what you need, per one sandwich.

1 Egg

1 English Muffin

1 slice of processed cheese, (just like Mickey D’s)

and I use 1 slice of Black Forest Ham, (cut in half)

You should have a small bowl or coffee mug that is heat-friendly to the microwave.

Break open the egg and give a stir. You want the yolk broke. Put in microwave for 1 min- 1, 1/2 mins. Till it’s cooked right. While doing that you should be toasting your muffin.

When egg and muffin are ready, put egg on top. Then cut cheese slice a little bit smaller to fit. (You don’t want the whole slice, that’s cheesy and it will run). Add half of ham, and nuke again for 10-15 seconds.

Eat immediately, but watch it is HOT!